About Us

Alternate Health USA is your source for protective masks to keep you safe from airborne viruses, bacterial, and particulates.
With our professional quality guarantee, Our KN95 Respirator Masks are the most reliable products available to consumers.

Our Mission

Alternate Health USA’s mission is to create a safer, healthier, and more sanitary world. We supply our customers with only the highest quality KN95 masks. We ensure everyone has access to the same quality protection as doctors and nurses.
The 2020 Pandemic has changed the way we see the world and offered new perspectives on what matters most. That’s why we are proud to help our customers not only keep themselves safe, but also keep the community safe, by limiting transmission of viruses and bacteria.

Our History

Alternate Health USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alternate Health Corp., a diversified healthcare company with offices in Venice, California, and Toronto, Canada. Founded in 2014, Alternate Health originally focused on healthcare technology, including software systems for electronic health records and practice management.
With the acquisition of FDA-licensed Blaine Labs, Alternate Health expanded into pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution. Based in Southern California, Blaine Labs has 24 years of experience as a manufacturing proprietary medical products and devices for distribution across the United States.

Other Services


In addition to supplying N95 and KN95 Respirator Masks directly to consumers, Alternate Health USA offers wholesale purchases to government agencies, hospitals and other front-line workers.
Through our parent company, Alternate Health Corp., we are also a government-sanctioned medical device importer and distributor to all levels of Government in Canada.

N95 Fabric

Alternate Health USA also offers wholesale non-woven fabric distribution for protective equipment and medical device manufacturers around the world. With a solid supply of N95 grade, melt-blown fabric, we supply manufacturers with certified materials.
As demand for personal protective equipment increases exponentially, Alternate Health can help your company secure the materials you need to meet purchase demand. Visit our N95 Fabric page or Contact US to learn more.