Non-Medical, Disposable Face Masks


This is for a 50 pack of the Disposable, Non-Medical Face Masks.

Alternate Health USA’s Respiratory Face Masks are manufactured in FDA-registered facilities and distributed from our licensed pharmaceutical subsidiary in California.

·      Protects wearer against contamination from coughs, sneezing, or particulate matter, including pollen,
·      Professional protection against bacteria, viral infection and pollutants larger than 0.3 microns.
·      Patented Truetone technology allows you to safely speak on the phone while wearing our masks.



Store in a well ventilated room with less than 85% relative humidity and without corrosive gas. Avoid sunlight, rain and moisture.

User Guide

1.     Tear open the package by the edge and take out the mask
2.     Open mask fully
3.     Hold the mask against the facial area
4.     Fasten the loops behind the ears and adjust mask to comfortable position
5.     Press the nose strip until it is tightly against the nose
6.     When on the phone, place it on the same side as the Trutone stamp.